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VA A carved steam engine and tender head stone, Roanoke, VA   More info

VA Berkeley Springs, VA More info

VA Big Walker Mountain Overlook, VA

VA Carroll County court house, VA

VA Coffeepot Restaurant, Rt. 221, Roanoke,VA

VA Dinosaur Land ( King Kong ) White Post, VA

VA Giant Apple, Winchester,VA

VA Giant Serpent, 40 feet by 15 feet, somewhere in Virgina Beach, VA

VA Giant Skate @ Hugo Skate Way, RT 17 , Bealeton, VA

VA Little Apple on a Stick, on RT 460 several mile soutside of Bedford, VA

VA Mouintain Lake, you must take a dip at least belt high, atop Salt Pond Mountain, Giles County, VA

VA There is a muffler man style sculpture in Gainesville, VA, on the southbound side of Rte. 29, about 1 mile south of I-66.

VA Pure Village AKA Village Inn, Harrisonburg Va.

VA World's Largest Man- Made Illuminated Star, Roanoke, VA

VA Bull Run Castle,Aldie, VA

VA Mayberry Station,Fancy Gap, VA

VA The Tin Man, Pulaski Tinning, 2.5 miles off I-81, 22 miles s on Route 11, Pulaski, VA

VA The Big Pencil, Wytheville Office Supply, 2 miles on Route 11 VA

VA The Famous Chicken sign, Rt 11, Christianburg, VA

VA  The Milk Bottle Building, downtown Richmond, VA on Marshall near Belvidere More info

VA The Rhinoceros, roadside Rt. 460, Bedford, VA

VA The Coffee Pot Building, Hwy 60 between Lexington & Buena Vista, VA

VA The Grave of Edgar Allen Poes mother & some other notables, St James Church, Richmond,VA

VA The White Horse at White Horse Antiques, Narrows, VA

VA  The head of a mule, in full harness.  That is how it died and that is how it remains, Ace Harware, E.E. Vaughn & Son, Lawrenceville, VA

VA The Trapezium House, no right angles as right angles are haunted?  Petersburg, VA ca 1700's

VA Worlds Largest Collection of Cement lawn ornaments, Concrete World on Hwy 29, 8 miles S of town & across the street from South Lynchburg Truck Stop, Lynchburg, VA More info

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Weird Museums

VA The Antietam Battleground Museum, an arm of a civil war soldier, Lexington,VA

VA Virginia Military Institute Museum, home of Little Sorrel, Stonewall Jacksons Horse, Lexington, VA

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Haunted Places


Alexandria - Brown House - Revolutionary War soldiers have been seen here.

Bowling Green - Old Mansion Inn - the ghost of Colonel John Waller Hoomes haunts his home.

Fredericksburg - Aquia Church - the ghost of a woman killed there has been seen in the belfry.

Lynchburg - William Bass Elementary School - voices and doors opening and closing a some of the events here.

Williamsburg - Magazine building - A soldier seems to still walk up the stairs to put his guns away.

Williamsburg - Peyton Randolph House - Many ghost sightings-over 20 stories associated with this old mansion.

Williamsburg - Matthew Whaley Elementary School (301 Scotland Street) - Haunted by the ghosts of two young African American boys killed in the 1960's by an unknown anti-desegregation assailent.

Williamsburg - Goveneurs Mansion - The maze behind the building is said to be haunted by soldiers from the civil war and revolutionary war. The wall in front of the mansion is said to be haunted by the ghost of a criminally insane escapee of Eastern State Mental Institution, who in the 1920s slit a woman's throat.

Williamsburg - Wren Building - Haunted by a French Soldier of the revolutionary war-he died in this building when it was a makeshift hospital for the wounded.  Also, it was haunted by some unknown force, and one of the inhabitants discovered the body of a 13 year old girl buried in the walls.

Williamsburg - The Mill - Williamsburg's first serial killer stashed his young victim's bodies here, and it is said to be haunted by them.

Williamsburg - William and Mary:Tucker Hall - In 1980, a girl committed suicide in this acedemic building, and her ghost is rumoured to appear throughout the semesters.

Abingdon - Martha Washington Inn - The ghost of a young woman haunts the inn believed looking for her lover. Sightings are so common/reliable that they at one time charged extra for her "favorite" room. The workers were very helpful and acknowledged the sightings.

Middletown - Wayside Inn - Wayside is the oldest still running in America. There is one specific roomthat is supposedly haunted and that is room 14.  Many guests  comment on strange occurrences in that room.  There have been other sightings throughout the inn as well.

Jamestown - Amblers' Colonial Mansion - a very angry ghost named Lydia Ambler haunts her former home.

Alexandria - Ramsey House - The first house in the city (King and N. Fairfax) has had people see figures in period costume in the basement.

Hampton - Chamberland Hotel - This hotel is on Fort Monroe. Apparently, when the original hotel burnt down, a young teenage girl went with it by accident.  She was looking for her father (who evacuated already).  Employees on the seventh floor on where she died claim that they can still hear her banging on the walls, or catch her  looking out the window.

Ashland - Randolph-Macon College - Mary Branch girl's dormatory has had doors opening and closing by themselves, items disappearing/reappearing, etc.  Washington-Franklin Hall has at least two ghosts that have appeared to teachers on several occasions.

Gloucester - Rosewell Plantation - The Page Family Mansion built in the early 1600's.  Several generations lived in the mansion before it burned down.  Several walls are still standing from the 4 story building.  The graveyard for the family is off to the side of the house, as part of the extensive grounds.  Many occurrences have been reported.  The sound of slaves coming from the fields, reportedly a young woman walks down the front steps every night.

Richmond - Governors Mansion - a friendly ghost of a young women haunts the Governors Mansion to this day.

Amelia - Haw Branch Plantation - There is a picture of a young lady that is said to blush at times when you look at her, also the smell of oranges sometimes in the parlor.  Frequently you can hear people talking and laughing in the parlor, and it stops when you enter the room.  Footsteps on the stairway are heard.  There is also a screaming woman outside on a certain nights.

Hopewell - Appomatix Manor - This old house on the river front in Hopewell is known to have been a hold out for Confederate and sometimes Union soldiers during the Civil War, especially the assault  on Petersburg nearby.  One  legend surrounding the house is where a nurse hid a Union soldier in the wall of the basement when the Confederates came to inspect the house.   When they found Union paraphernalia in the storage room they arrested the woman and took her away.  The Union soldier ,unable to help himself escape, died and today can be heard scratching at the walls for someone to be let out.  This is a story told by the caretakers of the house.  In 1953, when they were rebuilding the basement of the house they found a body of a Union solder behind the walls.

Fort Monroe - The Chamberlain - George Washington has been seen here, among others.  It is said that the top floor of the hotel is haunted  by several apparitions and was closed for this reason.

Bridgewater- Bridgewater College Campus
Is a very beautiful campus, but it has many secrets. Founded in 1880, it is built on Native American hunting grounds.  is said to be haunted by the ghost of it's namesake, Mr. Cole. His ghost has been sighted many times by members of the drama club, musicians, and audience members. Usually seated on the balcony, the ghost appears when he is particularly pleased with a performance. Once, at the end of a play, the lights overhead began to flicker rapidly, and a cold spot was felt near a particular seat on the balcony. Once again, Mr. Cole was pleased.

A girl haunts the women’s residency. She sits in a chair at night and follows anyone who comes in late or who gets up and walks to the bathroom where she supposedly had died. She is a mean ghost and has frightened many women at this college with her wicked stare as she follows them.

Annandale-Round Tree Park-
Known to many residents in Annandale and Arlington. Many sightings of a lady holding her baby who torments many people who happen to wonder in the park at night. It is said that when the fog rises then that is when she is most seen.

Chilhowie-CHS Hauntings-
This school is buried on an Indian burial ground from Many years ago!!!  There are Indians that appear and walk the halls mostly late at night!  There is one that likes to appear in the gym very often!

Ashland Randolph Macon College-SAE Fraternity House
Strange noises are also present, noises other than those normally found in a frat house.   Some of the soldiers are only visible from the midsection up, presumably walking on the old house floor.

Virginia Beach-Cavalier Hotel-
A ritzy hotel built in 1927 Many famous people stayed there. ( Al Capone, Woodrow Wilson...etc.) Adolf Coors owner of Coors brewery fell to his death mysteriously from the sixth floor window in the 40's. The hotels previous owner shot himself inside the hotel. An old black gentleman in an old hotel uniform is said stand watch at the top of the sixth floor stairwell warning people of ghosts reportedly saying "you don't want to go up there, There's ghosts up there". There is also a cat which roams the halls promoting calls to the front desk from angry guests.

Yorktown-Yorktown Battlefields-
Plenty of Civil War Era ghosts wandering around. And legend is if you sit on a hill on the battle fields at midnight and stare at the moon for a few seconds, then look at the battle fields the soldiers are still there fighting.

Alexandria-Gadsby's Tavern-
Known to be haunted by a young women in period clothing.

Bullrun Manasses-Cobblestone Bridge-
Civil War soldiers have been seen crossing the bridge at night.

Sweet Briar-Sweet Biar College-Meta Glass Dormitory-
The founder's young daughter who died a sudden and sickly death at the age of 16 makes her presence known throughout the attic of this dormitory.  It has also been said that her mother can often be seen in the quad near their old plantation house...

Ashland-Randolph Macon College-
In the 1980's a Fraternity prank was to put a pledge into a box lay him next to the train tracks and wait till a train came by.  That night one pledge got so scared he had a heart attack and died in the box.  Late at night if you walk along the tracks deep into the woods you can see the young man walking along the tracks and you will here a man's voice howling constantly.

Stanton- Virginia Aviation Museum-
The museum is located on a Civil War battlefield; also the museum contains old planes and artifacts from pilots beginning in WWII. There have been other occurrences there such as footsteps to a particular plane, and a very old stopwatch starting up and ticking.

Woodlawn Plantation-
There are several ghosts that haunt Woodlawn Plantation, which used to be the home of George Washington's daughter.  The gift shop has a well in the floor that is kept closed.  Apparently it is a doorway for ghosts.

Former home of our third president, Thomas Jefferson.  Monticello employees have often heard him whistling on the grounds, as he was know to do during his living days.

Lynchburg-Randolph-Macon Woman's College-
A girl was murdered on campus 25 years ago and it is said that some nights you can hear her running and screaming.  Also, is said that the Smith Banquet Hall is haunted by the headless ghost of a Washington and Lee U. student who was on his way here for a dance and got decapitated in a wreck.
There is a ghost of a small black child, perhaps three or four years old. He sleeps curled in the fetal position about two feet off of the ground in one of the Civil War battlefields.

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Lynchburg: World's Largest Collection of Cement Collectibles. Concrete World is on Hwy 29, 8 miles south of town, across the street from "South Lynchburg Truck Stop." Apparently, a large portion of the country's cement collectibles and lawn ornaments are made here. Load your pickup with drunks hanging on lampposts, little red riding hoods, bird bath altars, and thousands of other goodies. I think there's a factory tour, but I got there at 6am, several hours before they opened.

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Update on Milk Bottle Building: Located at Adams and Marshall in Downtown Richmond. Old Curles' Neck dairy building abandoned years ago was used in the mid-80s as artist studios. Fallen deeper into disrepair over the years, slated for renovation several times. As of June 1999, the building has been gutted, three walls (and the three milk bottles) remain. It is being converted to mid price apartments, with some luxury lofts. Rumor has it that the high end lofts will be inside the actual milk bottles

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Roanoke: As you go west out of Roanoke, VA , on Orange Avenue there is a cemetery on the left side of the road. (If you come to the Krispy Kreme Doughnuts you just passed it.) Once inside the cemetery take the first left you can and right there are the graves of Thomas W. Goodman & his wife Laura. Mr Goodman, who died in 1929, was an engineer on the Norfolk & Western Railroad and has a carved steam engine and tender on the top of his granite grave marker. It has the words "Norfolk & Western" carved into the tender.

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Hot Springs in a Cool Town

One of the nice things about Berkeley Springs, West Virginia, is that it appears unchanged in the 15 years we have known it. Indeed, the town conveys the impression that it has not changed much in the past 50 years. That's quite something for a town that dates back to before the American Revolution and regularly receives visitors used to urban life.

Town residents have not sought to stylize their community with new facades or souvenir shops. Rather, citizens have built upon existing buildings, making improvements without altering the essence of the town. The movie theater was closed for years, but is now open and offers first-run films. Several clothing and general merchandise shops have been transformed into restaurants where patrons are greeted by the owners or gift shops with unusual gifts. Berkeley Springs continues to feel like a small town.

What has made Berkeley Springs a long-time attraction is its hot springs. Native peoples visited the springs until wealthy colonial settlers claimed the area. George Washington and numerous other luminaries soaked in stone-carved hot tubs to unwind from the rigors of military campaigns, politics, and economic transactions.

Now, the hot springs are incorporated into a one-block square state park. The park offers separate male and female soaking tubs and massages. Also, nearby Roman baths are available to couples. Several body workers have set up shop on the streets facing the park. Swedish massage, Foot Reflexology, and many other therapies are available. "I feel like a noodle," is an often-heard remark as visitors finish a soak or massage.

Up the road from Berkeley Springs is Coolfont, a year-round resort with cabins, soaks and massages, good food, regular cultural events, and the International Water Tasting Competition, held annually in February.

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