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TN 200 Albino squirrels ( left by Gypsy caravan in 1869) Kenton, TN

TN Beal Street, Memphis, TN.

TN Bell Witch Cave, grave of native Indians & Trail of Tears went through it, Adams County , TN

TN Buford ( Walking Tall) Pusser's Death Car,Carbo Police Museum, Pigeon Forge , TN

TN Buford Pusser's death marker. On the road between highway 45 and Adamsville, TN. marks the spot where his corvette was found after the crash. TN

TN Crystal Shrine Grotto. Memphis, TN  More Info

TN Ditty Wah Ditty Tourist Court, Memphis Tenn. Hwy. 51 S

TN Eiffel Tower Replica, 65 ', Paris TN

TN Flying Saucer House,made from concrete,on road that leads to signal Mountain, Chattanooga, TN

TN Giant Catfish, Road leading into Paris, TN

TN Graceland, Memphis TN.

TN Greenfield, TN in general. population of about 450 people is the home the fiddlestick. everyone has had a fiddlestick. its an ice-cream bar, on a stick, dipped in chocolate and rolled in peanuts. TN

TN Hanks William Sr.'s Death Car, Hank Williams Jr. Museum , Nashville, TN.

TN Homestead House, Savannah, TN a beautiful Antebellum home, once owned by Jesse James.

TN Huge Cedar Bucket Chair, Symrna, TN

TN JACK DANIEL'S. Distillery, Lynchburg, TN

TN Lumpy's ,only place to eat in town and weird!, Mount Pleasant, TN

TN The Madison County Courthouse. complete with a plaque of the speech Crocket gave after loosing his senate race and before going to the Alamo...wraps up with "Y'all can go to hell!...I'm going to Texas." TN

TN Mills Darden's Grave. Lexington, TN. Mills Darden is still listed by Guiness as the largest man ever. somewhere in the range of 700 pounds. he was buried in a piano case and it took 15 men to get him from the wagon to the grave. TN

TN Montaeaglen Diner, Monteagle , TN Us 41 - 64

TN Moonshine Bar,very hard to find but authentic! unmarked! Cosby, TN

TN Nathan Bedford Forrest Museum, on the west side of Jackson, TN. many rare, original letters and photos of Forrest. not much else. TN

TN Natural Bridge, Just outside Lawrenceburg, TN used to be an old highwayman's hideout. Supposedly Jesse James stayed there a time or two. Now its a fat farm, but usually they'll let you tour the grounds. TN

TN The Peabody Hotel Ducks.   Memphis, TN  Every morning at 11 am the ducks come down from the roof, walk across a red carpet and enter the loby fountain.   They repeat the processing back up to the roof for the evening at 4 pm.  You need to get a picture of them either coming or going.  In the fountain does not count.

TN Robertson's Pawn Shop. Front Street, Henderson, TN. this pawnshop was in at least three of the movies made about Pusser. TN

TN The Rock Pile. on the back side of Shiloh Battle Field. just a hole in the wall bar with a cussing cockatoo. TN

TN Running Donkey Rock Painting, HWY. 70 W of Smithville, TN

TN Skullbone Tennessee, the entire town is unique so I am told.  More info

TN Sweet Lips,TN.

TN The Tennessee River Museum, build under the hydro dam at Savannah. offers a lot of information on native cultures dating back to the mississippians and artifacts dug up building the dam. TN

TN The Great American Pyramid ( largest ever built in the Americas, Memphis TN

TN Twitty City, Hendersonville, TN.

TN The Belle Witch, ( Nuttiest poltergeist of Adams Family is still seen on Adams property cave) Adams, TN

TN The Parthenon, Memphis,TN

TN The world's 3rd biggest pecan tree, in Lexington, TN it was the biggest, but smoking stunted it's growth. supposedly planted by one of Crockets men on the way to the Alamo. Lexington, VA

TN Waverly. Between Starkville and Columbus, Miss. Another old southern home, still privately owned, but they offer tours. This was Forrest's command center and the reason many of the old homes south of there are still standing. TN

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Weird Museums

TN The Museum of beverage Containers & Advertising, Goodlettsville, TN

TN, The National Knife Museum Chattanooga, TN

TN The Veilleuse-Theires Collection(night light teapots, largest of its kind!)Trenton, TN(city Hall)

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Haunted Places

Adams - John Bell Farm -  The Bell Witch is the horrible spirit caused much trouble and may have killed John.

Blountville - Sullivan County News - A ghost called "George" haunts this building.

Bolivar - Parran House - the ghost in a rocking chair can be seen on the front porch.

Nashville - Hawkins House - a poltergeist inhabited this house for a time.

Franklin - Carnton Mansion - here is a Historic mansion in Framklin Tn called Carnton.  It was used as a confederate hospital during the Civil War(battle of Franklin).  Gun shots, rhythmic drum beats, voices, and running footsteps can be heard there any night.  There have been recordings of sounds and pictures taken there by local investigators.

Chattanooga - Read House - room 311.   Believed that during the Civil War that a soldier took a prostitute to this room and killed her.  Her ghost haunts that room to this day, running hotel visitors off.

Memphis - The Orpheum Theatre - The ghost of a little girl, Mary, haunts this theatre.  She has a favorite seat during performances.  Some people believe that she is the ghost of a girl who died when the original Orpheum burned, and others believe she was killed near the Orpheum on Beale Street.  She has frightened many employees away.

Cleveland -  Masoleum in the middle of town  - that holds a little girl and her grandfather...They died in train accident...They had gone out for a late night ride in their carriage and it got stuck on the tracks and they got run down by a train...They were both put in the masoleum so they could be together for eternity...Well every year on the anniversary of their death, the masoleum is said to "bleed".

Johnson City - East Tennessee State University Campus - Women's Residence Hall is said to be haunted by the ghost of a young boy that died in the elevator. He is known as "marble boy" and can be heard dropping his marbles on the ceilings of every room in the hall. Don't yell at him to stop or he will get mad and drop ALL is marbles.

Athens -  Wesleyan College -   is haunted as students have reported hearing strange voices and seeing dark figures moving near the spot where two trees grew side by side for 165 years. Believed to be a spot where two star-crossed lovers were buried.

North Chattanooga - The cemetary off of Memorial Drive - There is an arch in the middle of the cemetary a Masonic arch at which an apparition is supposed to appear.

Lennox Place - Lennox subdivision - Not many of the neighbors want to talk about it but some do. The whole Lennox subdivision has experienced ghosts.  It is not a house but many houses that see the same ghosts.   A man with white hair, in a long nightgown.  A young girl with long blonde hair.  They are mischievious mostly and not mean.  They like to open people's garage doors in the middle of the night.  Rattle dishes.  Unlock doors during daytime when the owners are away so that they come home and their house is wide open.

South Pittsburg - The Baumgartner house - Located directly across the street from the cemetery.  Built and owned by the first undertaker of the town.  Haunted by three family members.  A woman, probably the original owner's wife dressed in a blue dress, a dark haired attractive man, and a slender tall man with a short hair cut wearing a longjohn shirt and slacks.   Seen frequently in rooms not being used for a period of time and then used again.   Ghosts here don't seem to want to be noticed much.  These ghosts interact with the surroundings and are quite visible.

Triune - Chapel Hill -  A long time ago a man was working for a railroad company.  He was the one on the caboose that held the lantern, he fell off and was run over by the train, his head  was cut off.  At night you can see him walking up and down the tracks looking for his head.    All you can see is a mysterious light going back and forth a few feet above the ground.  The light comes closer and closer then goes farther and farther away.

Jonesborough - There are records of several ghostly happenings in Jonesborough. It has been  rated as one of  the most haunted places in the country. It is Tennessee's oldest and most  mysterious town.

Clarksville - Trahern Theater(Austin Peay State University) - The Third floor and stage are apparently haunted by a ghost of a young woman students call "Margaret".   Messing with elevators, locking doors, banging lockers, and calling the unfortunate night owl's name.

Rugby - The Big South Fork National Park -  The newspaper, USA today did a story in 1997 on one  of the  houses that is haunted by the ghost of a land agent who died there waiting for his son to arrive.    Rugby is a village that is the remnants of a failed victorian attempt at a utopian settlement there in the Cumberland Mountains.

Gatlingburg - Mount LeCounte - At 3:33a.m. a little girl will appear at the edge of the bed and watch the people sleep.

Milligan - just outside of Clarksville - There's a little used road in Milligan,that goes by a Civil War battlefield.Somewhere on this road,you have to drive through a river that isn't there.You can see it and hear it,but if you stand in it,you stay perfectly dry.

Kingsport-Sensebau Tunnel-
It is said that a young girl was kidnapped and killed in this tunnel, late at night if
you drive in there and shut off your car and wait about 5 min there will be a bright light appear and go all the way around your car and the car will start shaking like the girl is trying to get in. You can also hear a baby crying, because she was pregnant at the time of her death.

Suck Creek
In the canyons of Suck Creek, there is a trail that leads up the mountain to Printice Cooper, a local nature reserve, some nights on this trail you can see and hear a man groaning, and walking aimlessly looking for the men who killed him. The folklore tells of a slave, that tried to escape to freedom, before he could get very far men on horses can and beat him then hug him in a tree, the men came back to discover him still alive. So they beat him until he died. Now he searches for vengeance.

Nashville-Opryland Hotel USA
There is a lady that is haunting the Opryland Hotel. Her name is called Ms. MaGavock. She would come out and do the strangest things.

Bellwood Mansion
A deserted run down mansion, located in the middle of the woods.  Supposed to be a haven for ghosts, paranormal activity, and witchcraft.  Located in Dover Tennessee, near the Cumberland River

Knoxville-Bijou Theater-
Rumors has it that this theater located in the middle of the city is haunted by a man. The theater was once some kind of army hospital way back when. It gained publicity by local radio station...Voices and even sightings have been heard there.

Dover-The Crow Home-
Right next to the Fort Donelson National Cemetery, just below the fort, this house was used as a hospital after the battle! Now a posh bed & breakfast! you can hear doors open by themselves, & soft voices crying throughout the home!

Memphis-Old Brister Library at The Univ. of Mem-
It is said to be a young female college student who was raped and killed in the tower of this old library.  The ghost has been seen by many custodians who just recall seeing a student who appear and then vanish.  The ghost would also scream help me which at times would very much scare the campus police who would go in the building to inspect the screams.  Many students in the past have tried to spend the night in the library and have only heard the screams.

Sale Creek-Shipley Hollow in Sale Creek-
For over a hundred years, a glowing white figure has haunted the small road stretching from the Mill Dam on Daughtery Ferry Road, right off of Highway 27, and continues through Shipley Hollow Road. This white figure has been said to have uninvited joined many hay and horseback rides.

Bear Creek Church has no known denomination. It has two stories, but only the first is accessible.  The windows are painted blood red, even on the 2nd floor.  Now abandoned, the place is still heavily guarded by pure evil, evident through spectral photos.

Clarksville-Smith Trahern Mansion-
The ghost of Mrs. Smith is said to be seen on the widow's walk on moonlit nights.   The house overlooks the Cumberland River where her husband was a Riverboat Captain.   In life, she sat on the balcony overlooking the river waiting for him to come home.   He died in an accident on the river, and never returned to her.  She still stands in vigil, waiting for her husband to come home.

Hugh Hamblen was killed on Netherland Inn Road in 1922, run down by a car.  He had been visiting his son, who had also been in a car accident, in the hospital.  On foggy nights, Hamblen stands in the road in a trench coat with outstretched hands warning oncoming cars of the fog. Over 120 people have reported seeing him.

Kingsport-"Sensabaugh Tunnel"-
Years ago Mr. Sensabaugh, who lived in a house on one side of the tunnel was said to have gone crazy and murdered his whole family including his newborn child. He threw their bodies in the creek, which used to run through the tunnel. As legend has it, if you drive halfway through the tunnel turn off your engine and your headlights, you can hear Mr. Sensabaugh's footsteps and his baby crying.

Rumor has it that in the heart of Gatlinburg, near a place called the Mysterious Mansion, a young girl about age, 7 fell off a hotel balcony, and landed in a creek below. Every two weeks before her death's anniversary, you can see her crying and pointing up to the spot where she fell to her death.

Sewanee-Tuckaway Dormitory-
Three suicides have taken place in the same room on the third floor - ghosts of the victims reportedly have tormented students, Headless Gownsman apparently appears during homecoming on certain years.

Manchester - Tullahoma-Concord Cemetery-
This cemetery is said to be haunted by the ghost of Sadie Baker. Her apparition has been seen on several occasions in the cemetery.  This is one of Coffee County's oldest known ghosts.

Martin- University of Tennessee at Martin Clement Hall-
This is the oldest building on campus and is used as a dorm hall when needed.  On the fourth floor a student killed herself and has since haunted the hall.  The annual haunted house is held here, but not on the fourth floor.  Students have reported strange happenings on the fourth floor, especially in the community bathroom.

Shiloh-Shiloh National Military Park-
Activity occurring in the old caretakers house. Doors open and close mysteriously. Cabinet doors open and close as well.

Nashville-Opryland Hotel-
There is said to be a ghost at the Opryland Hotel, it is a lady that will come down the corridors late at night. There has been strange things been happening there. especially on the 3rd shift. Some says they have seen her.

Alcoa-The Old Stone House-
It is said haunted by an old man who built on the house for over 45yrs.  He and his wife believed that as long as they kept on working on the stone house that they would never die.  His wife died first and he just said that she lost her faith.  He died about 20 yrs later but you can still see candlelight and hear him building on the house even during the day.

University School is haunted by a janitor who had a heart attack while working alone in the building. There are also sightings of a little girl. She died of pneumonia when she was six.

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Crystal Shrine Grotto was built by artist Dionicio Rodriquez in the 1930s, and was completed around 1938. On the National Register of Historic Places, this hand-made cave of Bible scenes is a cool escape from the summer sun.

You walk through a hole in a large concrete tree stump — Abraham's Oak — named for "the founder of the Hebrew Nation." A plaque says that " Rodriquez, a descendant of the artistic Aztec race of Mexico, has reproduced this historic stump entirely of concrete reinforced with steel and copper bar so as to ensure its existence for many centuries to come."

The grotto cavern is constructed of rock quartz crystal and semiprecious stones. It illustrates "Christ's Journey on the Earth from Birth to Resurrection." The scenes are a mix of strange abstractions and more traditional religious dioramas.

There is little info on who Rodriquez was, or why he built this place. But it looks like he also made the many concrete stump trash containers around the cemetery.

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This is an unincorporated town on SR 105 between Trezvant and Bradford, TN.
The name comes from bare knuckle fights that were popular there at the turn
of the century. There is a store there that sells all manner of skull
related merchandise. Road signs point to Tokyo, Brussels, Paris, etc. Cool
little place, 105 is a good road, also.

Recently, a local entrepreneur has opened a music park there. See there web page

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