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KY Big Mikes's Mystery House, Cave City, KY

KY Boulders Chained Together, Pineville, KY  More Info

KY Bourbon Fudge Monks: The Gethsemani Monastery in Trappist, KY More Info

KY C.B. Caudill Store, Blackey, KY  More Info

KY Climax, KY

KY Louisville Slugger factory and 120 foot bat, Louisville, KY

KY Photo with Kentucky famous President.

KY Sanders Court, Corbin Kentucky

KY The Grave Families, Woolridge,KY  More Info

KY Town of Monkey's Eyebrow, KY

KY Town of Whoopflarea, KY

KY Town of Beaver Lick, KY

KY Town of Big Bone Lick, KY

KY World's Largest Crucifix. Built in 1986, St. Thomas Church, 60-feet high, Bardstown,KY

KY World's Smallest Church, ( 7'by 10') Crestview , KY

KY World's Larest Stained Glass Window, 24' x 76', St. Mary's Cathedral- Basilica of the Assumption, Covington, KY  More Info

KY Wigwam Village, Cave City, KY. A sneak pic

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Weird Museums

KY, The American Museum of Brewing History and Arts Fort Mitchell, KY

KY Schmidt's Coca-Cola Museum, Elizabethtown, KY

KY The Ben, E. Clement Mineral Museum,Marion,KY  More Info

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Mystery Spots

These places have strange powers.   Approach with great caution!

Big Mike's Mystery House, Cave City, KY

Haunted places

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More Info

Marion, Kentucky: The Ben, E. Clement Mineral Museum contains the World's Largest Collection of Fluorite (Fluorspar). Mr. Ben E. Clement assembled over 50,000 pieces of fluorspar from 1920 to 1980, the year of his death. From 1900 to 1953, before it became too costly to mine, this area was the world's largest producer of fluorspar (at present, China produces 99% of the world market in fluorspar). All tours are guide tours and the staff's motto is, "If you don't have a quality and educational time here, then it's our fault and you get your money back".

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Eighteen life-size statues -- dubbed "the strange procession that never moves" -- are grouped around the tomb of Colonel Henry Wooldridge, the Mayfield, KY  horse trader who built them and died in 1899. A number of Wooldridge men, women and his favorite dogs, Tow Head and Bob, stare with stony resolve at the eastern plots of the United Daughters of the Confederacy Cemetery. The Colonel is the only person actually entombed there. A hurricane fence foils casual vandalism and most photo opportunities.

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In Mt. Hope Cemetery, Hiawatha, KS, the grave memorial of John M. Davis includes ten life-size, Italian marble statues that depict Davis and his wife at various stages of their lives. The eleventh statue is made of granite, because Davis had exhausted his life savings on the monument.

"The Vacant Chair" is where his wife would have been seated, had she not died seventeen years before Davis's death (at age 92 in 1947). The elaborate memorial has attracted visitors for over half a century. In fact, Davis enjoyed spending his last lonely years hanging around the work in progress and explaining it to visitors.
The last statue of Mrs. Davis, as an angel kneeling on Mr. Davis's tomb, has been mysteriously decapitated. Victim of the local Halloween Frolic? Teens at the Hiawatha Pizza Hut had some leads. "That head was throwed in a pond is what we heard."


Pineville: Above the town of Pineville, KY , on route 25E, there are several very large boulders that are "chained together" to keep them from crashing down on the town and destroying it. You must drive there from Pine Mountain State Park and then hike about one mile to see it. It is worth the walk. It defies all sense of logic, why somebody would haul this very heavy chain up a mountain to foster such a myth. [Bob Smith,11/16/98]

The myth was started in 1933 by the town Kiwanis, who attached the chain -- 3,000 pounds, 101 feet long.

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Trappist - Bourbon Fudge Monks: The Gethsemani Monastery in Trappist, KY (near Loretto), is a great place to see how an order of monks lives in modern-day America. It's really off the beaten path, but definitely worth it. There is a small visitor center where you can view photos of the Dalai Lama's visit to the monastery. You can actually observe the monks doing one of their many daily prayer sessions in the chapel. They make fabulous cheese, fruitcake, and bourbon fudge in order to support themselves. You can buy it there or at a few of the small convenience stores around town. The food is so good that at the holidays they had to pull the plug on their fax machine and stop taking orders. They do not employ any outside help to make the stuff, and there are only around a hundred or so of them. Combine a visit to this monastery with a trip to the nearby Maker's Mark distillery

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Blackey,KY  - Couple work hard to preserve local history: You can't buy much at the old C.B. Caudill Store these days. A can of kidney beans. A tin of Prince Albert tobacco. Perhaps a hard to find pipe fitting. What you can get at Joe & Gaynell Begley's place in Letcher County isn't for sale. It's priceless. The walls and shelves of the gray corrugated building that the Begley's also call home are so full of artifacts, there's no room for Jello or Pop tarts or corn flakes. There are hog nose-ringers, barbed-wire stretchers, miners' pickaxes, everything given to them over the span of a lifetime. You can sit on the porch and visit with the Begley's. Truly a unique place to visit, you'll step back in time. directions: take 64 east off of 75 Lexington, then take the Mountain Parkway east to the Campton Exit (highway 15) to Isom take highway 7 to Blackey about 7 miles, store on the right just past big blue bridge


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Covington: If you wanted to see the world's largest stained glass window, you'd probably think you'd have to travel to Paris, Rome, or possibly England. Think again. It's located in Covington,KY

Inside St. Mary's Cathedral-Basilica of the Assumption (in Covington) is the largest hand blown stained glass window in existence. It measures a whopping 24 feet by 67 feet and contains 117 distinctive figures.

In addition, the Basilica boasts over 80 other windows depicting a variety of religious scenes

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Wigwam Village #2

Wigwam Village

Campbellsville - Hiestand House - this house is haunted by the Hiestand family.

Frankfort - Liberty Hall - Lady Grey haunts this building. along with a ghostly indian and soldier.

Lexington - Hunt-Morgan House - The previous residents have stayed here to haunt it.

Wilder - Bobby Mackey's Music World -  haunted by a woman that was killed by satanists there.

Lexington - Don Young Farm House - Haunted by the spirit if the old man who died building the farm house in the late 1800's.   Strange things have happened such as doors opening and slamming, windows opening & shutting all hours of the night. Once in a while you can hear cars coming up the gravel driveway, and nothing is there, even the dogs of Mr. Young run around the sid of the house when they hear the sounds of the cars, and nothing is there.

Morehead - Morehead State University - Jesse Baird haunts the Baird Music Hall on the 3rd floor.  People have seen the ghost and heard noises, and certain smells associated with Jesse have been observed.

Whitley City - Granny's Old Farm house  - on school road.  In 1940's two young men was shot to their death on the stairway while trying to escape from law officials.The old house burned but a new house was built in it's place. In this new house you sometimes see balls of light, hear footsteps,and door slamming late at night.

Bardstown - The Old Talbolt Inn - Haunted by numerous spirits that were killed there.

McCreary County - "Granny's old house" - Built on a ancient indian burial ground.  In the middle of the night you see balls of light flying at you,you hear footsteps, people talking, and doors slaming.

Jackson -  Jackson Independent School -  Haunted by a young girl who met her death after falling down a flight of stairs during a fire alarm.

Jackson -  Jefferson Hotel -   Many can hear the sounds of the man who was gunned down on the enterance steps.

Jackson - Highland Orphanidge - Sightings and sounds of the young students who died in a fire.

Jackson - Noctor Plantation Houses - Haunted by the white owners who were killed by thier slaves.

Jackson - Roundbottom Curve - Golf course that was shut down because of alledged sightings of the many who wrecked there.

Independence - Cody Road RR bridge - Cody Road is a winding country road that passes under a railroad bridge.  Local people say that a woman, killed by a train years ago still haunts the site.

Walton - U.S. Hwy 25 - There is a dilapidated yellow house that sits on US 25 on the northern edge of Walton, Ky.  Many families have moved in, but none stay.  It is said the ghost of a Civil War General haunts the house, driving the would-be homesteaders out.

Covington -  Middendorf - Bullock Funeral Home - of all the places to be haunted, can you imagine? A former student of the local mortuary college, who lived in the building had a massive heart attack on the landing to the second floor.  He died there on the landing.  for some time now, there have been strange occurrences happening after this incident, i.e. noises and appearances. The ghost of "Roy" has been seen walking around inside the place by several employees. Others have reported sensing an "energy" while working in the funeral home.

Louisville - T.B. Hospital - Many report the sighting of a small girl in the third floor window of the abandoned T.B. hospital off of Dixie hwy.  The sight is now off limits to public due to many cases of teen vandilism and on-site injury.

Winchester - GHOST bridge - This old bridge, named GHOST bridge, is said to be haunted by 4 teenagers who were drinking and smoking and jumped off the bridge to an untimely death.  People have seen the images of the 4 young teens walking below in the dark night.

Paris - The Bridge - Haunted by young girl who was killed in a wreck with her boyfriend.  They were coming home from prom and were going to stop at the bridge.  You can set in the middle of the bridge and watch headlights come up behind you, but no car and then you see lights under the bridge as if a car has fallen in the water.

Richmond - Madison Middle School - In the 1950's a cheerleader was beaten to death in the third floor, girl's restroom. Many faculty have heard strange noises early in the morning, before school, and late at night.

Richmond - White Hall Mansion -   The Civil War abolitionist, Cassius M. Clay,one of his daughters, one of his sons, and a black servant, haunt the mansion. There have been sightings of Master Clay passing back and forth in front of the top middle window  (the nursery), waiting for his ex-wife and children to return.

Murray - Murray State University - There have been numerous sightings, by staff members, of a young, depressed student that plunged to his death from the sixth floor in the Fine Arts Building. The haunting image of the young man has been seen aimlessly roaming the aisles in the Lovett Auditorium, which is a section of the Fine Arts Building. There have also been reportings of faint but distinct sounds of piano music  coming from the practice rooms on the third floor of the Fine Arts Building.

Corbin - Road near Early Addition St. -  is the site for this unusual 'haunting'.  There is
a certian place in the road where people passing by will experience a strong sense of fear and the feeling that they are being watched.  These feelings disappear quickly after they leave this one certian spot in the road.  There have been no known reports of anything terrible having happened in the past to account for this haunting.

In the theatre lighting booth an old light tech had a heart attack and died. Since, employees have heard strange noises and have found his name written in the dust in the catacombs that run throughout the theatre.

Smithland-The Cumberland Marine Hospital
Mill street near the school. Used to be a hospital during the war and people came from all over to see a face in one of the windows that resembled the likeness of God.  A storm shattered the window, but people have heard soldiers screaming on certain nights because they use to do amputations and sometimes the people would die.

Louisville-The Speed Museum
A female ghost is said to appear in the basement and other poltergeist activities occur in the basement of the establishment.

In an old abandoned courthouse in the downtown area, there are now tours.  Many tourists say that they have seen and heard two old men through busted out windows trying to escape who were put there when they were 16 for raping two girls at Prestonsburg Highschool in the girl’s bathroom  on the first floor.

Park City- Mammouth Park-
There is an old slave cave that was used during the Underground Railroad, many people have seen the images of slaves and such. However after the civil war the cave is noted to have been a hide out for Jessie James.

Barboville-Union Collage-
There is a boarded up room at the end of the hall were a woman gave herself a c-section and died, you can here her walking around in the room and if you knock on the boards she will knock back, and just across the yard in the tower a girl hung her self and lights flip on and off.

Elizabethtown-Gates of Hell-
The "Gates of Hell" is the nickname of a cemetery at the end of St. John Road.   It has been rumored over the years to be haunted.

Van Meter Auditorium-
The auditorium is reportedly haunted by a man that fell to his death there while working on one of the catwalks.  Students, workers and performers have seen him.

Murray State University-
There is also another ghost who supposedly haunts the Fine Arts Building. We call him Vincent. Supposedly, when the elevators were being put into the building, a worker, whose name was Vincent, died, either by losing his head from cables that came loose, or falling down the shaft, But the elevators in the building are always doing strange things. They will bump around for no reason, and they will also mysteriously take you to floors nobody pushes the buttons.

Lexington-Leestown DivisionVA Hospital-
Made up of many different buildings and a huge, wooded grounds area, the Leestown Division of the VA Hospital in Lexington has been the site of several strange and frightening occurrences. Haunting images of several ghosts have been seen, as well as screams and moans, doors slamming, footsteps, disembodied voices talking and equipment and appliances turning on and off by themselves.

Morehead-Morehead State University-
A ghost of a former student named Penelope, is said to haunt Nunn Hall. Penelope is said to be seen late at night and in the early morning hours. She plays with lights and televisions, turning them on and off. The story of Penelope is that she was dating someone her parents did not approve of and she became pregnant by him.  Unable to tell her parents about the pregnancy, she jumped from the ninth floor, falling to a tragic death.

Frankfort-Liberty Hall-
There is also a young woman in the back yard that was murdered.  And another woman inside the house.  So, all together there are five ghosts there

Richmond- Salem Cemetery-
People say that at night you can drive by and you will see two orange colored eyes looking at you. A Baptist church stands there now, but supposedly years ago, there used to be a satanic church there.

Louisville- The Seelbach Hotel –
Reports of running footsteps in the hallway on wooden floors (the floor is carpeted. TV's will come on during the 4AM hour blaring, then after 15 minutes just stop.

Murray-Murray State University-
The elevator in the Fine Arts Building of Murray State University, they have completely gutted the elevator shaft several times to no avail the young female student who feel to her death in the shaft after the door opened and there was no elevator there. She takes out her revenge upon the riders of the elevator; the elevator shakes and rattles as it travels up and down the shaft. It stops constantly between floors, the doors constantly refuse to close.

Princeton-Gravity Hill-
It is believed that a man and his two daughters had car trouble at the bottom of this hill.  While they were pushing the car down the road, they were hit and killed by a truck.  If you stop your car under this overpass, turn it off and put it in neutral, you will sit still for a few minutes and then feel your car being pushed up the hill, all the way to the end of the road.  If you put baby powder on the back of your car you will see six handprints on it after you get out.

Richmond- Eastern Kentucky University-
Several buildings on the campus of EKU in Richmond are supposedly haunted.  Sullivan hall, now a girl's dormitory is said to be haunted by the spirit of a nursing student who committed suicide there in the 1970's.  Also, Alumni House is said to be haunted.   The most haunted house in Richmond by far is that of White Hall mansion.

Benton-The Glowing Tombstone –
The story goes that an old man and woman lived in a house near this cemetery and a cult was doing some funny business in a nearby barn one night.  The old man did not return from checking out the strange happenings so the old woman went down to check on him and found him hung.  The barn is still there.  The house the old couple lived in is gone now, but a new house was trying to be built by a new couple and mysteriously fell down on the first try.  When the tombstone is glowing the old man is inside the old barn waiting on the cult members who killed him to come back so he can extract his revenge.

Eddyville-Gravity Hill-
There is an old road off of Hwy. 62 in Eddyville, it has a covered bridge on it.   When sitting at the edge of the bridge facing the highway, your vehicle will roll uphill.

Barbourville-Union College-
Many people in the Financial Aid office have witnessed doors opening, closing, locking, and unlocking. Some have said that they have seen a woman. The office was once a house. The woman died in that house of mysterious causes.

University of Kent-Sorority houses-
A glowing "help me" can be read clearly on the ceiling of the treasurers bedroom and also the whistle of a past house mother who died in the house, can be heard. She would wear the whistle at Monday night dinner and blow it to give a lesson in etiquette...we can still hear the whistle being blown in the house.

Louisville-Hot Rod Haven (Mitchell Hill Road)-
This road is located directly off Mt. Holley Road.  At the top of the road is a cemetery in which a girl is buried. Legend has it that this girl was on her way to prom when her and her boyfriend crashed at the bottom of the hill and died.  Many say that they have seen her on top of the hill by the cemetery in her prom dress

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