Royal Decrees


Here is what you need to do to become a RAT.

1. Ride a motorcycle. Slow down and get off the interstates.
2. Find and photograph 20 RAT Sites ( or more ) and mail the pictures to me for validation. Make sure you enclose at least one good picture of yourself so it can be added to the RAT Gallery. For the digital crowd you may also burn a CD but please organize them so I know what I am looking at. You can also email them to me and if you have too many, let me know and I will set up an ftp site for your pictures. You will need to number and label them Include a note telling me how many RAT Points you are claiming. If you are mailing photo's write on the back of the picture what the site is. If you use ink, make sure the ink is dry or separate each picture with paper as the ink bleeds onto the picture.
3. All Rat sites are worth one(1) point. Extra credit points can be accumulated a number of ways. Nudity, creativity, bribery, extra effort and of course confusion. Confusion is generally applied to the King when he screws up and gives some extra points as a mean of not being dethroned.
4. Your passenger may also be a RAT if it helps you get out of the house. We also have a special category for kids under 16. They will be known as Rug RATs and they have their own page for their pictures as well.
5. Once you have 20 RAT Sites you are an Official RAT and a life time member of The International Order of the RAT. You do not have to hold your picture until you get to 20. Just send them in as you get them.
6. To help keep the site operating, a $15.00 donation will get you 1 point, a pin and decal. For two up add $5.00 for a second pin, decal and point. If you are just starting then this will get you on your way to 20, and in the points standing! Already a RAT? This can be your first point of the year and get a current year pin. This can be sent with your pictures, checks are fine.
7. Find a place that you think should be a RAT Site? Great! Just take a picture of it and send it to me with the info included like what, where etc. You get RAT Points and it will be added to the RAT Web Page. Or, if you know a place but have not gotten to it to photograph it, no problem, just e mail me the details and I'll still add the New RAT Site. New Sites